Gender based violence (GBV)


Economic and Development Center (ECODEV) is a non-profit, non partisan non-governmental women rights organization committed to empowering women and girls to realize their potential, worth and strength politically, socially and economically through advocating for opportunities that explore their potential. ECODEV recognizes that the survival of women and girls is increasingly being challenged by economic dependency, illiteracy, Sexual & gender based violence (SGBV), HIV/AIDS, gender inequalities & marginalization, conflict, insensitive laws & policies which underscore ECODEV’s purposeful programming on five key thematic areas:-

  • Women Economic Empowerment
  • Access to Education
  • Reproductive health and rights
  • Sexual & Gender based violence & HIV/AIDS
  • Transformative leadership & Governance

ECODEV’s Mission: To empower women to realize, exercise their rights and freedoms, and access opportunities and privileges towards gender equality.

ECODEV’s Vision: A society that is gender sensitive where women and men have equal rights and opportunities for a just society

Strategy; Build the capacity of both men and women for women’s right empowerment

The Working Group on the 16 Days of Activism

The 16 days of activism is an international campaign that is commemorated every year in fighting violence against women and the working group members dove headlong in commemorating this day last year. Other NGOs, CBOs are usually mobilized by us to participate in the activities; working group synchronizes concurrent programs on behavior change through the use of film and art besides mobilizing for the event through the use of megaphones and flyers.  Medical, legal and referral services are offered to both survivors and those who want to know more about fighting GBV. Our organization has been receiving overwhelming support from APHIA II and UNFPA




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