Gender approach to protect womens Rights in HIV/AIDS & GBV



ECODEV’s Gender-aware programs have been and will continue to use one or more of the following 5 Strategies:

  1. Challenge gender norms and inequalities that impede access to health services and healthy behaviors.
  2. Promote equitable relationships and decision making.
  3. Empower girls and women through economic opportunities, education, and collective action
  4. Adjust health systems to address barriers to health information and health services.
  5. Involve the community to disseminate information and support behavior change

Some achievements

ECODEV’s past gender aware programs contributed to;

  • improved health status, health behaviors, and health knowledge;
  • shaping gender equitable attitudes, increasing the frequency of joint decision making by men and women;
  • and increasing women’s self confidence and self-efficacy.

The organization uses theater to pass messages on; Gender based violence and the link to HIV/AIDS





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