Planning for Real (PfR) Tool kit


This tool kit developed by Tony Gibson, of Scarman Trust UK and introduced in Kenya through ECODEV as the host, adapted to the Kenya situation. It has seen the initiation of various projects ranging from lobbying, advocacy to community projects by the various groups.

A micro-credit society has also been started in Kibuye market one of the largest markets in East Africa. The last one has been a community center, which is also involved in feeding of orphans.


Planning for Real (PfR) training workshop held at The British Council Library Auditorium. Dr. Tony Gibson facilitating alongside ECODEV’s Programs Director. The toolkit used by ;Africa Now,CARE Kenya,ActionAid,Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme (LVEMP) and KWAHO.

Benefits of the toolkit:

  • It is a community mobilizer.
  • Communities initiate development projects on their own without relying on outsiders i.e. initiated is the orphan projects, feeding programs for orphans by various community centers, Pre-primary schools started and a micro-credit society.