ECODEV has been supported by:-

  1. Stem van Afrika
  2. NOVIB Small Projects Fund through SNV Kenya.
  3. DFID in collaboration with UK Partners.
  4. Netherlands Embassy in Kenya
  5. Scottish Borders Africa AIDS Group (SBAAG) Scotland UK.
  6. Action Aid Kenya.
  7. Norwegian Embassy
  8. Africa Medical Research Foundation (AMREF)
  9. Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
  10. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  11. National Aids Control Council (NACC) Kenya
  12. Social Development Network (SODNet)

We have membership with the following Networks:-

  1. Kenya Women Political Caucus(K.W.P.C)
    ECODEV is a member of the Kenya Women political Caucus and has worked closely with them.
  2. FIDA (Federation of Women Lawyers)
    FIDA was very useful in our Gender Based Violence project as we were able to share and exchange information on legal rights of women. We also made referrals to cases that required legal attention.
  3. NGO- Network Western Kenya
    ECODEV is also a member of the above network that brings together NGO’s operating in Western Kenya region.
  4. World March of Women – Kenya Chapter, coordinating national activities
    The focus for this is poverty and violence against women. The Program Director has the opportunity to represent us in 2001 international conference in Montreal Canada. She also attended a globalization conference in Quebec, Canada the same year.
  5. Africa Social Forum (attended regional meeting in Addis Ababa 2003
  6. ICT policy Network
  7. Raising Voices, regional network for Eastern Africa coordinated in Uganda
    (Mobilizing communities to prevent domestic violence)
  8. Kenya Social Forum Prof. Oyugi of SODNET
  9. The Kenya League of Women Voters
  10. Action Aid Kenya(AAK)
  11. A member of the British Council
  12. We are members of a coalition for prevention of child abuse which is an international coalition in Switzerland
  13. Member of the African Women’s Development communication Network (FEMNET).
  14. (WAFNET) Women Action Forum for Networking.
  15. Raising Voices; Regional Gender Based Network (Eastern Africa) Uganda

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