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Civic education


We participated in civic education exercise during the constitution Review. We also mobilized communities to participate in the presentation of views to the Review Commissioners during public hearings. ECODEV’s Programs Director was the Chairperson of the Constituency Constitution Committee for…
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Gender based violence (GBV)


Economic and Development Center (ECODEV) is a non-profit, non partisan non-governmental women rights organization committed to empowering women and girls to realize their potential, worth and strength politically, socially and economically through advocating for opportunities that explore their potential. ECODEV…
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School feeding program


Supported by the Scottish Borders Africa AIDS Group (SBAAG) Scotland UK; Lunch Feeding Program for 5 Primary Schools. Old women providing counseling sessions to orphaned girl child at the community center during weekends. Providing support to caregivers (old grandmothers) on…
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