HIV/AIDS is one of the most challenging epidemics in Kenya today. About 7% of the total adult population is infected with HIV/AIDS while almost the entire population is affected by the scourge. Nyanza province where we run our projects is leading in the infection rate with 16% prevalence compared to other provinces like North eastern province with 4.0%.

  • ECODEV has been working on behavior change projects; using gendered approaches;
  • Linking Gender Based Violence and HIV; working with men to bring change.
  • Tackling cultural norms about gender, and power relations.
  • Address risk taking behaviours
  • raising the level of awareness of the community¬† members on issues of GBV and HIV with the aim of empowering the communities to bring about change.The Kisumu East District project is covering reducing the spread of HIV.

The Goal of this programme is to achieve a sustained reduction of HIV/AIDS incidences within the lake region implemented under prevention, care and support.

Sustained reduction of HIV/AIDS using GBV approaches

Education for behavior change

Greater involvement of PLWHAs

HIV/AIDS and gendered approaches

Tackling stigma

Formation of PLWHAs groups with communities for treatment action

Using forum theatre for awareness creation

Widow support

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