aboutECODEV is a national development, non-partisan, non-political, non-profit making organization based in western Kenya. ECODEV started its operations beginning of 2000 as a non-profit organization but only got registered the following year. We recognize that successful community initiatives sponsored locally or internationally depend on an enabling system that builds community capacity. The center works closely with the relevant government ministries at all levels, other NGO’s/CBO’s, aid and development agencies whose interest concerns promotion and improvement of quality of life for men and women in rural and urban poor communities.

A Board of five members runs the Organization. The Board composition includes members who are recognized for their leadership in their respective field of activities. Procedures exist and are applied to facilitate and encourage Board members to contribute to the Organization’s development.

Year of formation

Mission statement

Mandate of operation

Geographical coverage

Specific Objectives


Issues that unite communities, and those that aim at women’s empowerment are considered as we design our projects. We do this knowing that the implementation will be in areas with socially conservative traditions, therefore being cautious not to allow women to overshoot their rights vigorously.

We consider.-

  • Continuity of projects after phase out
  • Those that empower communities and specifically women
  • Those that spell gender roles as an empowerment tool
  • Cost effective programs
  • Community needs, and deal with the root causes as opposed to dealing wish surface symptoms.

We are convinced that the network will help us accomplish something together, which one could not accomplish alone. The diversity of concepts, practices and solutions to the HIV/AIDS epidemic compels us to seek ways in which we can learn from each other for better responses to the epidemic.

  • We can help strengthen advocacy
  • Influence others-inside and outside the network to share the same ideology.
  • We can help broaden the understanding of HIV/AIDS through our on-going programs.
  • Reduce duplication of efforts and wastage of resources.
  • Promote the exchange of ideas, insights, experiences and skills.
  • Provide a needed sense of solidarity, moral and psychological support.
  • Availability of the female condom will help in reducing and empowering women.
Our Unique Expert Areas
Weakness Areas