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Gender approach to protect womens Rights in HIV/AIDS & GBV


ECODEV’s Gender-aware programs have been and will continue to use one or more of the following 5 Strategies: Challenge gender norms and inequalities that impede access to health services and healthy behaviors. Promote equitable relationships and decision making. Empower girls…
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HIV/AIDS – Funded by NACC (Kenya)


Our strategy include emphasis on the use of participatory methods that encourage reflection and dialogue as critical aspects of behavior change. Challenging gender norms, roles and behavior. Life skills education: life skills, goal setting, decision making, communication, assertiveness, and negotiation…
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HIV/AIDS is one of the most challenging epidemics in Kenya today. About 7% of the total adult population is infected with HIV/AIDS while almost the entire population is affected by the scourge. Nyanza province in particular is leading in the…
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Children’s health


This is a health empowerment project supported by Stem van Afrika, aiming at improving the health and living standards in underprivileged communities at village, urban level as well as Volunteer capacity building. ECODEV works on childhood diseases through Community Health…
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Community health promotion


This This project was sponsored by NOVIB/SNV Kenya under their small projects fund: Lasted nine months as a pilot project: The aim was to address lack of social mobilization on health issues; inaccessible health facilities; scarcity of medical personnel and…
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